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cRystal tRoWer


Crystal grew up in Northern Wisconsin, her ambitions to see the world took her to Minneapolis where she began her career in Cosmetology. Shortly after, she realized she wanted be an entrepreneur. She received a business degree from Rasmussen College and then relocated to Chicago. "As an entrepreneur I have high expectations for myself, which gives me the drive to constantly try to perfect my craft and my business." Crystal received her balayage certification through the Loreal Professionnel academy in NYC. After founding Sogna Di Vita Salon in 2015, Crystal continues to make her mark on the beauty industry by growing hairstylists with her masters program and love for helping people find their true potential. Crystal is blessed with a 5 year old and 2 year old twins. When she's not in the salon, she's busy being a mom. Her hobby is gardening. "Being an empath, I can predict the needs of my plants and flowers and love nurturing their beauty".

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