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You Said "Yes!" to Saying "I do!"

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

So, let's talk about your "I do" 'do! What your stylist wishes you knew sooner.

The moment you answer "YES!!!" so many things are set in motion. How long will our engagment be? Will it be an open bar blowout bash or an intimate fete? Who do we include, what is our budget, where will we honeymoon, when do we send out save the dates, why are we suddenly just... so... stressed?

One concern you can begin to tackle right away is your wedding day hair. Whether your stylist of more than a decade is - "duh" - participating in your big day or you need to find a new special someone to help you style your special day, "Start early." says Chicago-based Sogna di Vita Salon owner Crystal Trower.

Prioritizing your hair in your wedding timeline, even if you have yet to pick out your dress, is a no-brainer. Consider booking your consult now. If you know your general style, you can discuss a trial run closer to the date so you can be confident in the bigger picture. This is also a great opportunity to get your questions answered early so you aren't scrambling last minute. Is one day old hair good for your hair type? When should you plan your last hair cut and color before the wedding? Your stylist can help answer all these questions for you.

Well, we chatted all things wedding hair with the girls at Sogna di Vita Salon in Chicago's Ukrainian Village to get your big hair questions answered - and to enlighten you to some questions you may not have thought to ask!

what your stylist wants you to know: wedding hair planning + prep

If you take away one thing from this post, please take this: Don’t wait. Your hair stylist knows better than most the importance of planning ahead.

Stressing out is usually an unavoidable part of the wedding planning process. By giving yourself ample time, you can make sure that you get the appointment day and time you want, so you aren't squeezing yet another last minute thing into your calendar. This also gives you time to pivot if anything style-wise or timeline changes. You'll also have time to hone in on who your wedding day dream team. Below, you will find some of the things your hair stylist wants you to know as you begin making your wedding plans.

WEDDING 'DO TIP #1: Why Is Planning Ahead of Time So Important?

WEDDING 'DO TIP #2: Consider Your Timeline + Time of Year

WEDDING 'DO TIP #3: Consider the Details AND the Bigger Picture


wedding 'do tip #1: why is planning ahead of time so important?

It can be quite surprising how quickly the best intended plans creep up on you. You may be thinking, "it's ok, I have, like, 6 months before I even have to worry about that." But don't put something on the back burner that you can check off your list now."Booking a hair trial 4-6 months out from the wedding date is important," says Danielle. "This gives enough time to decide on what hair pieces they want to wear, including hair extensions, if needed." Keep in mind that you may not be able to get the day and time you want if you only start thinking about scheduling 6 months out. Depending on what you are ultimately getting done, your hair may take longer than others. Knowing ahead of time is key. Get on your stylist's books early and check this important item off your list.

"booking a hair trial 4-6 months out from the wedding date is important. this gives enough time to decide on what hair pieces they want to wear, including hair extensions, if needed."

Keep in mind, your vision of the big day may evolve over time. Perhaps you knew - you just knew - you were were going to be a strapless, a-line, hair down, soft curls bride. Well, dress shopping just threw you a major curve ball, and the neck line of that stunning BHLDN dress is simply screaming for a romantic updo. Your vision evolves.

SdV owner Crystal recommends starting a Pinterest board early. "Creating your own look book for hair inspirations is an easy way to hone in on what look you like best." It's also very helpful in showing you how your vision changes over time and what stays the same. You and your stylist can use this personal mood board as a jumping off point to finding your personal style and your ultimate hair style closer to the wedding date. Trends and inspiration will come and go, but Danielle wants you to remember, "this is YOUR day to wear whatever hairstyle makes you feel your best! On trend or not!" So, let your style evolve as long as you always let it resonate with you.

wedding 'do tip #2: consider your timeline + time of year.

Once you determine how long your engagement will be, it's just as important to consider what time of year it will end."Taking into consideration the time of year and being realistic on what hair style will work is important," remarks Danielle, a stylist with multiple brides under her belt. "An updo might be the best look for someone getting married in the hottest month of the year or for the bride who plans on dancing the night away." Is your wedding more of an intimate sit down dinner with cocktails? You may be able to get away with long, flowing waves.

"taking into consideration the time of year and being realistic on what hair style will work is important."

Now, we mentioned extensions. If you haven't considered them, this may be your sign to look into this high return investment. "I wish they all knew to consider wearing extensions for those choosing to wear their hair down," remarks Danielle when we asked about what she wished her clients knew sooner. "Especially if it's during the humid months - it's almost a must if you want any style to last! Plus, they look amazing in photos!" Extensions come in many different forms, so chat with your stylist early to decide if they could be for you. You will be spending a fair amount of your budget capturing your big day. Extensions can give your hair the volume, texture and versatility that will show up in your photos in a big way! If you decide to go in this direction, however, you will need to factor in that extra appointment time. And different types of extensions last different lengths of time and require different types of maintenance. Chat with your stylist now so you can factor this into your timeline and budget.

wedding do tip #3: consider the details and the bigger picture.

As the big day draws near, you start seeing all these little detailed decisions you've made come together into a broader vision. Sometimes, you may have seen the broader vision but forgot to look at the little details. When you work with a stylist who has experience in helping their clients get ready for their big days, you can rest assured they have both the bigger picture and all the little details needed in mind.

Find your people. By this we mean seeking out wedding vendors who are not only talented, but will also add peace of mind to your big day (ie. you will actually want them around). Choosing your wedding vendors is just as important as choosing your bridal party. If you start early (and we know you will, right?) you should have ample time to see how your day-of team will work together - or if they'll clash. You're going to be spending a sizable amount of your day with your wedding photographer, your planner and, of course, your hair stylist. Make sure these are all individuals you'll want around and who want to be there for you on your special day. When you choose vendors who will authentically show up for you, you will not only feel gorgeous, but also feel supported and taken care of, a consideration that cannot be overstated. Some stylists love working weddings - others may not. Don't assume that the stylist who nails your balayage also does events on-site. You may need to work with someone else if you need day of hair at your hotel.

So, let's recap! Start early. Book your consult. Start pinning ideas and inspiration to show your stylist. Factor in extra time and additional hair sessions if needed. Be flexible. And, most importantly, have fun. You've done the prep work and now you're ready to turn that popped question into popping champagne. Enjoy the process knowing that your strands are (literally) going to be in good hands.



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