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Are you ready?

Updated: Jan 19

We all brush our teeth just a little bit better before we go to the dentist, don't we? We may even panic floss so when we reply, "yes, of course I floss," it's not a total lie. Did you know that a little pre-salon prep can make your hair appointment a much more enjoyable experience for all involved?

If you are committing to a new color or cut, maybe a whole new look, here are some considerations your stylist would LOVE for you to know about so you walk out of the salon with the fabulous hair you've been dreaming of!

Help us help you.

First and most importantly, have a seat. You will have a thorough consultation with your service provider. Your stylist will be asking a series of questions to determine your hair history and goals. The more we know, the more we know, right? Do not assume that your stylist can read your mind. It is imperative that you let us know your expectations so that we can all start on the page. Now, if you don't have time to schedule a separate consult, here are a few things to keep in mind as you get ready for your salon appointment...

Come with clean, dry hair.

Up to two days old is okay, but just know that if the hair is too dirty, it can be hard to see what the natural color is, and it may be more resistant to hair color. Stylist Danielle suggests freshly washed or even clarified hair to her clients before a color service. Even two days old could be too oily, depending on the individual.

Owner Crystal says, "if you have textured hair, wear it natural and styled that day. This way, your stylist can see it in its natural state and possibly dry cut."

Do NOT use dry shampoo or root tint spray beforehand. Again, we want to see your natural hair color and texture as much as possible.

What inspires you?

Bring photos! We love them, because they help us see what you are truly envisioning. Look for pics with similar face shape, hair color and texture to yours. Sure, your stylist is a creative genius, but we also have to work with the canvas you are bringing - and that is your natural hair type. We will, of course, help to manage your expectations if you are wanting something totally different than your hair type allows. But at least the photos give us a tangible example of your vision we can start from.

Can we be real?

Now, we can all be as prepared as possible, and there may still be some necessary considerations for your particular service - especially if you are planning a dramatic style change. This goes back to the thorough consultation we mentioned in the beginning.

Are you a deep brunette hoping to go platinum blonde? Be prepared not just for additional time in the chair but also additional cost. You may even need to be prepared for your stylist not to be able to accommodate your entire service in one session. You have to account for both your stylist's time and available schedule, so if you know you're looking for the (beauty) drama, don't be the drama and schedule a quick consult with your stylist before the actual day of your appointment. This will give her a chance to rearrange her books if necessary and give you more detailed instructions for your prep ahead of time. Otherwise, don't pout when you realize your stylist is not, in fact, a hair genie who controls how time works.

Okay, luv, you're ready.

Book your service (or consult) online now! And as always, we're here for you. Never feel like you're asking your stylist too many questions - we want all the questions! Because chances are, the answers are going to get you so much closer to the Pinterest-worthy hair pic you've been dreaming of. Who knows? Maybe you'll be someone's inspo pic some day...

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