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  • Becka Bravo

Holiday Hair, What We're Excited About

As we approach the end of 2022, Sogna di Vita owner, Crystal Trower, isn't only anticipating sophisticated and sexy haircuts, she's forecasting some very exciting variety.

Finding your end of the year look means expressing yourself, and the options are endless. "Modern, soft, curved bobs, textured bobs with bangs, short shags, textured layers, blunt collarbone cuts, bold bangs and curtain bangs" all make Crystal's list.

"I'm also looking forward to creating more bold reds, french chocolate browns, and beige blondes," says Crystal.

Danielle may be new to the team, but she is seasoned in understanding our ever changing whims. "I find that winter trends lean more into the warm tones and I believe this year won’t be any different. I’m also excited for mid length bobs and dressy ponytails. They will be this year’s winter trends!"

"I'm not sure if either of these count as holiday hair trends, but two hot 2022 trends were Copper tones and lots of layers," says Dream Team stylist Carly. "I am loving both of these looks so much, I hope they continue to be trending into the new year!" Regardless, 2022 was certainly a year of reclaiming individual style and self expression. So here's to owning that multi-tonal, shaggy, bold, blunt, soft or textured sense of self - well into the New Year! Happy Holidays.


What is your favorite 2022 trend? Which ones do you think will carry into the New Year?

Comment below!


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