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These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things...

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

THE hair products most loved by your favorite Chicago hairdressers.

Have you ever wondered which products and tools are sitting on your hair dresser's counter at home? Wonder no more, because we asked the girls at Sogna Di Vita to spill the toner... er, tea on which shampoos, masks, stylers and tools they just can't live without.

The salon proudly carries R+Co and Unite hair lines. Tried and true, your next go-to product is surely on the shelf.

But what to choose when there are so many interesting options? With holiday hair season quickly approaching, here is what you'll find in these stylists' medicine cabinets:

Crystal, Sogna di Vita owner + stylist

"Unite 7 seconds leave-in detangler. This product, I cannot live without. It detangles, moisturizes, and heat protects. It's the perfect sunscreen for your hair.

I also love adding High Dive by R+Co. I want my hair to glide through my round brush and give it that buttery smooth texture. These products are so lightweight and airy, you can't even tell there is product in my hair."

Carly, Stylist

"You will not catch me without a deep conditioning mask!! With winter and dry

season coming, I want to keep my hair as healthy and hydrated as possible. R+Co's Television Mask is AMAZING.

I am a sucker for the Unite 7 Seconds detangler. It is the best prep product for your hair - it is a leave in conditioner, detangler and heat protectant all in one. If I were going to have only one leave-in product in my line up, this would be my top choice. It's hydrating and smells fantastic.

Next thing you would find in my bathroom is Moroccan Oil. I love the classic oil that they have and I love the smell (editor's note: who doesn't, am I right?). I've been using it since high school, so its nostalgic for me - haha! In the salon, we have the Unite U:Oil which gives all of the same shine and moisturizing qualities.

Lastly I always end my routine with a leave-in moisture lotion/cream! (did she mention moisture yet?) Right now, I am using the R+Co Waterfall and loving it. It is just a great product to leave your hair feeling shiny and soft!"

Danielle, Stylist

"My favorite, must have, go to product at home is a nice leave in conditioner - Caviar CC Leave in cream. It's a great prep for the hair before I blow dry and style. It really helps my style last all day!

If you want to grab something comparable next time you visit the shop, I'd definitely recommend R+Co's Suncatcher Vitamin C Leave-in or their Park Avenue blow dry lotion."


If you want a chance to win some of these standout beauty products, you can still enter to win a gift basket (worth $400!) filled with them! From the beginning of November through the end of December, for every pre-booked appointment you schedule and for each product you purchase, your name will be entered into a drawing that could score you this amazing stash of goods. Book now or come visit us for your chance to win!

Prefer to buy online or need something from R+Co we don't carry in the shop? Support small business this holiday season while still scoring some big business deals by using our link to shop all things R+Co!


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